Cooking squad review

Today I really enjoyed making a delicious cupcake if u wanna see how I made it look at my previous blog post!

rating:5 out of ten it was absolutely amazing!

Teamwork: there teamwork was really good and they knew exactly what to do!

fun: It was alot of fun and I had an amazing time making a cupcake in my FnF group!


How to make a vanilla cupcake

Today I learned how to make a vanilla cupcake! The instructions and Ingredients went like this:


Cake mix





electronic mixer

mixing bowl


and plate for eggs


1: Place cake mix,eggs,milk and butter, mix on low speed until ingredients are combined then mix on medium speed!

2:bake for 40 to 45 minutes!

This was how my group FnF made our vanilla cupcakes!


Happy mothers day


On sunday I woke up early with a gasp because I had to wake up early so I can make my mum some breakfast. I took a book that had the ingredients of what my mum like in a sulami sandwhich. I got a clean bread put some humas on the bread then put some lettuce some tomato 2 pairs of salami bread with humas on it than cut into half. My mum really liked my meal! Once my dad came back from work we showed all the presents and she loved it!!!

Aroun 11 oclock we went to my grandma and uncles house. I stayed there for 2 hours strait. I played soccer with my brother and uncle.

Once we left our grandmas house I went to my dads radio station for also 2 hours and I had a sharwima. We left at 5:30 pm and went home. I watched Batman vs Superman in my opinion it was not as good as I thought aspeicailly when superman died sorry spoiler.

Why my mum is special?

My mum is special because she puts so many people first she cares so much and loves as to death and there is noone as perfect,brave,considerate,kind and loveable as my mum.



How to make friends

5 ways to make friends

1. Be kind and helpful.

2. Learn about there interest.

3. Learn about their own cultue what it feels like.

4. Be youselve, cause if the dont like you for who you are well than there not the friend you want by your side.

5. dont gag them of their looks,culture, interest, age and who they are.



Today for ICT we investigated all the important things that a sphero does on lightning lab. After this lesson getting a sphero is all im thinking about. It was very enjoyable and exciting! I hope we do this in the future again!



Prime and Composite

Today in class i learned about the difference in Prime and Coposite. I learned that a prime is a number that can only be divided by itself of by number, composite is a number that can be divided evenly.So in class I had to do a grid about prime and composite.


prime: blue        Composite: brown


Flappy Bird coding

mostly enjoy that you you can create differnt kinds of methods to make flappy bird the upgrade that you wanted it to be.

I have to egmit I enjoyed it all I dont think there could be a inprovement.

You use flappy code by getting the link down below.

Yes I would recommend seggesting this to other people because they’re many people that also enjoy flappy bird but wish to change little bits about it.

my flappy bird





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